I Know What I Want

/ Opening @ 12:00 - 6:00pm

This summer the Western Front is collaborating with Other Sights and 221A on a publicly-sited research intensive that seeks to evaluate the cultural capacity of spaces in our midst. Our site of inquiry: Kingsgate Mall in East Vancouver, the heavily-trafficked site of Buy Lo foods, a BC Liquor Store, Shoppers Drug Mart and a selection of affordable boutique stores and shops. It is also the next major site anticipated for development in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, an area that has already seen a number of architectural and cultural shifts— including the controversial Rize development at Broadway and Kingsway.

To be clear: this is not a protest, a development proposal, or an exercise in nostalgia. Instead, we seek to evaluate space using the tools that artists have immediately at their disposal: our networks and our ideas. Central to this endeavor is the idea that these everyday spaces possess potential for creative projects and can be envisioned beyond the familiar narrative of building up and over what exists. What if artists, curators, architects, thinkers and citizens were invited to imagine these potentials? What surprising things might we find?

This Sunday, our question is ‘Do You Know What You Want?’
Look for us at our June 16th Open House.