In bocca al lupo (In the Mouth of the Wolf)

An opera that involved the construction of an elaborate two-storey set, roughly the shape of a body, which took up the entire Lux. The audience sat on piles of books. Choir, rock band and dancers.

From Front Magazine March/April 1992 Vol.III No.4 P.12:

In bocca al lupo / In the mouth of the wolf

An installation performance to take place in late April. 

Rita Mckeough has degrees in fine art form the University of Calgary and the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design. SHe has exhibited her multi-media installations since the late 1970s, gradually moving towards a more performative ‘space.’ She has taught at a wide variety of Canadian art institutions and held residencies across the country. A consumate artist, her expertise covers printmaking, audio-recording, radio, and drumming.

McKeough will be artist-in-residence for the months of March and April. While she is here she will be developing a Vancouver performance of her “mutant rock opera”, In bocca al lupo. The piece utilizes a multi-layered ‘choral’ soundtrack, slide and video projections and up to 17 performers. A suitable venue for the performance, which will run over three days, is now being arranged.

“Her work opens up potential spaces in us from which different and more varied ideas about language, gender, desire and subjectivity might emerge.” –Beth Gibson, Canadian Art

(see p. 18/19 for “Rita McKeough – In bocca al lupo / In the mouth of the wolf” by Kati Campbell.)

Digitized video available through Western Front Archives through research request.