Intersections Project

2055 Clark Drive

Brady Marks & Sarah Buchanan

Slideshow from Guerilla Performance, Oct 16, 2009
Audio from live performance at Western Front, Oct. 29, 2009 
(dur: 10:14)

A guerilla performance took place October 16, 2009 at the site of 2055 Clark Drive near the intersection of Grandview Highway and the terminus of the Skytrain Millenium line. Brady Marks and Sarah Buchanan were joined by thereminist Pr0phecy Sun. The performance site houses a former monument to Christopher Columbus with only a stark concrete structure remaining. The performers broadcast electronic sounds and music over a short range pirate radio signal aimed at passing car commuters. The music was then remounted for a live audience at the Western Front on October 29, 2009 with a slideshow of the guerilla performance.

A Storied Sea

James Maxwell & Caleb Johnston

Timelapse video from Jericho Beach, Vancouver, Oct 13 2009
Audio from recording session at Western Front, July. 9, 2010 
(dur: 10:16)

Writer and researcher Caleb Johnston presented recordings of his grandfather telling stories about his youth in and around Vancouver’s waterfront. Composer James Maxwell layered the narrative with tronmbone lines performed by Jeremy Berkman and a time-lapse video of Vancouver’s shoreline.