One of three installations that made up the Industrial Ear Festival, Argentinean composer and sound-artist Damian Keller was invited to collaborate with Vancouver photo and video-based artist Una Knox. Together, they produced a piece that reflects their shared interest in artificial environments and systems. Keller uses his own variety of granular sound synthethis – randomizing, modifying and compiling minuscule samples of natural sound to produce larger naturalistic soundscapes. Using Keller’s methodology as a template, Knox created nine video loops of the underwater landscape of a public swimming pool. Each video, played from its own VCR, was presented on one of a bank of video monitors suspended from the ceiling. Together, they incorporate a degree of modular randomness that echoes the production of granular synthetic sound. Knox has long been interested in the aqua-blue landscapes of swimming pools, symbolizing both the re-creation of nature (in their mimicry of tropical waters) and the artificiality of cyber-space. As they enter the exhibition space, audience members trip a series of hidden motion detectors that then trigger a number of Keller’s sound events. In this way, Knox and Keller wanted to create an artificial environment that caused the audience to be acutely aware of its own impact in the space.

This exhibition was held at Ironworks Studio in Vancouver