Features include new drawings by Roberto Paci Dalo, and two special projects, Digi-tele-burger, a flipbook by Stu Hughes and Mark Feddes and Four Pancontinental Favours by Darren O’Donnell.

Artists’ Projects:

Finished (Cover Photograph)
By Andrew Deiters

By Elizabeth Fischer

Gaming With Empedocles
By Florentine Perro

Journy Into The Past
By Roberto Paci Dalò

An Event
By Megan Morrison

By Stu Hughes And Mark Feddes

Four Pancontinental Favours
By Darren O’Donnell

The Last Photograph…
By Christopher Olson

Foundation. Sky
By Marissa Sammy

Pin Photo
By Jackie Dives

By Byron Barrett

Causal Properties Of Knives
By Gordon Mitchell

The Movie Never Finishes
(An Ongoing Addendum To The Film Dear Guy)
By Jeremy Todd

By Oliver Hockenhull

Little White Pills
By Jason Crane

Drawings For Finishes
By Roberto Paci Dalò

Excerpt From ‘Parlour Games’
By Kegan Mcfadden

By Jen Selk