Jeff Mann: Residency, Workshop & Performance

FREE TV, round table discussion, April 11

TV FREE NET, performance, April 22

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 4, p. 8, March/April 1994:

Jeff Mann comes to Vancouver after an engagement as network specialist for the Banff Centre’s NOMAD Network project. Previously living in Toronto, he ran the Matrix artists’ network at Inter/Access, and taught Media Production at the Ontario College of Art. His writing and work in video, audio, and computer media production, electronic sculpture, and telecommunications systems has engaged issues of public access and personal expression through new communications media.

His workshops in “Guerilla TV”, presented across Canada and in the US, have investigated strategies for destabilizing the current regime of mainstream corporate television. “There’s a growing recognition that the culture industry is doing for our culture what the forest industry is doing for our forests. The Big Media want to sell us 500 more channels where ‘interactive TV’ means you get a ‘buy’ button on your remote. On the net there are an infinite number of channels; every receiver is also a transmitter, and this has seen the blossoming of an incredible on-line culture. We hear that in the future we’ll be able to send video over the phone. I want to prepare for this using desktop video technology, low-power transmitters, VHS cassettes, the Internet, and whatever other means necessary.” – Jeff Mann