La Plissure du Texte

Co-ordinated in Vancouver by Hank Bull. In the context of Electra, an exhibition of electronic arts at the Musee d’art moderne de la ville de Paris, La Plissure du Texte connected 12 cities on the I.P. Sharp computer mail network for several weeks. Each city played the part of a different character in a bilingual (Eng/Fr) fairy tale. Vancouver was the princess, ably written by two young visitors from France, Doris Buttignol and Sylvie Hebéard, and there were other characters in Sydney, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Gwent, Boston, New York, Alma, San Francisco, Santa Monica and Honolulu. Each day the terminal would spew out contributions to the story from other characters and, after reading through this mass of material, a textual or graphic response was composed and typed into the system. The result was a huge Joycean collage, entirely unreadable of course, but the process of telematic collaboration was the real content of the piece.