Lee Hutzulak / Princess Builder

@ 9:00pm

Tickets $12/10 (includes CD)
Info: www.front.bc.ca OR www.leehutzuk.com

Acoustic instruments, live electronics, animation and video projection.

Atmosphere at once exotic and familiar shifting, resting, dissolving into and out of song.
“Let me take you to Hona Lu with its tundra and its glaciers and I’ll build a little igloo on an emerald pool of lava. We’ll rise with trumpets and squealing pigs, the sky all thick with feathers – surround us now with no dark shading and no second guesses.”

Performing from 1991-2001 as leader of Dixie’s Death Pool, Lee Hutzulak produced miniature studio epics like Bluebird (1995), Beauty Sleep (1999), and Soon (2001), characterised by a startling variety of atmospheres, evocative vocals and melodies, and quirky pop hooks. DDP’s music has been broadcast across Canada on CBC and placed on Earshot, the National Campus/College Radio top 50 Charts.

Princess Builder was recorded in much the same fashion as earlier albums: numerous sessions with various players including Todd Hutzulak,Todd Mason, and Julian Gosper. Over the course of a couple years the music was crushed, strained, sifted, stirred and when finally settled the balance had tipped from song in favour of atmosphere and improvisation. This is where the life of Lee’s music now resides.

In addition to studio projects Lee devotes much of his time to Hang Restaurant, a free/ambient/improv trio with Jonah Fortune and Johann Groebner. Most recently Collapsing Lung, a duo with Stephen Lyons headlined the first night of Open Circuits, an electronic music festival.

Todd Mason has been playing electronics and percussion with DDP since 1999, figuring prominently in Soon. He is a recent grad of the VFS Sound Design Program and is pursuing a career in sound for TV and film.
Jeffrey Allport is a Victoria-based musician and composer who utilizes simple means such as amplification and extended techniques to explore sound. He has performed with a wide variety of musicians including John Butcher, Axel Dˆrner, Taku Sugimoto and Otomo Yoshihide.

Todd Hutzulak spends his days and nights shooting a dead horse. He’s looking foward to the afternoon. He can drape it over his shoulders. Todd’s licorice friends sleep in faux velvet cases. When he lets them out they’re sticky and arthritic.

Julian Gosper is currently vacationing in Japan, but will be present in spirit and in a CD of sounds extracted from Princess Builder and specially prepared for the launch. He performs his intricate and beautifully animated electronic music locally, most recently as Woolpower, at the Access Gallery for Counterpoint: Local Hangouts.