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Reflecting on accelerated states of labour, leisure, and social interaction Liquid Trust takes inspiration from the “trust molecule” or “love hormone” oxytocin, sometimes prescribed for anxiety and designed to increase an individual’s social integration and trust.  As part of SWARM festival, Western Front becomes a site for video installation and performance combining image, sound, music and spoken word.  Szuper Gallery (London, Munich) and Curtain Razors (Regina, SK) have been collaborating together since 2008 creating works in Canada and then touring internationally.

This is their third collaboration with video, sound, text, by the Szuper Gallery duo Susanne Clausen, and Pavlo Kerestey and spoken word created and performed by Michele Sereda of Curtain Razors, Regina, SK.  The performance also includes original composition by musician-in-residence Ben Brown performed with the China Cloud ensemble (Elisa Thorn, harp; Dominic Conway, saxophone; Colin Cowan, contrabass; Ben Brown, drums), and the Express Your Voice and VOICE OVER mind choirs.



Liquid Trust marks the first in a series of post concert conversations inviting audiences to engage with the artists.  Join Ben Brown, Susanne Clausen, Pavlo Kerestey and Michele Sereda for an open conversation about their work alongside a book launch of Ballet. 

Ballet is a new publication by Szuper Gallery, featuring recent performance and exhibition projects at the Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland (CH), Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina (CA), Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (Russia) and Museum of English Rural Life in Reading (UK.  Ballet documents Szuper Gallery’ongoing collaboration with Michele Sereda and Curtain Razors and contains video and installation stills, performance scripts and essays by Timothy Long, Dorothee Richter and Lars Gertenbach, and Susanne Clausen and paintings by Pavlo Kerestey.

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Liquid Trust is supported by Saskatchewan Arts Board, Szuper Gallery, Curtain Razors, Arts Trend Company, SOCAN Foundation, BC Arts and Canada Council.



Szuper Gallery is a co-operation by Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey, who are based in London and Munich.  Szuper Gallery engages with filmed and live performances, video installations, interventions and curatorial projects.  In these works the performance and the installation are a site for post and meta-production in which the stream of film and performance images are placed into a critical sphere.  Installations resonate theatrical film sets and stages, where the development of the work can be experienced.  Performers and actors are choreographed within these sets, enacting texts and movements, thereby generating a structure of social, cultural and political references and associations within the work.

They have since co-operated with other artists, curators, writers.  They have exhibited in various international venues, including Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1999, Kunsthalle Vienna, Western Front 2005, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia, National Museum of Art Ukraine 2013.

Curtain Razors encourages the practice of modern theatre by creating and presenting new ways of telling stories. Personal, intimate and experiential, Curtain Razors is Saskatchewan’s longest tenured experimental theatre company and encourages the practice of modern theatre in Saskatchewan, across Canada, and internationally. Artistic Director Michele Sereda is a multidisciplinary theatre and performance artist and the artistic director of Curtain Razors, an experimental theatre company that cultivates and engages in diverse modern performance events in Regina and beyond.  Traversing the worlds of theatre, visual art, movement, performance, and film Sereda works nationally and internationally with a direct focus on performance actions in site-specific arenas, one-off pubic events, and mixing together different mediums with different artists from different ethnic diverse backgrounds.

Current performance projects are a new work with Skookum Sound System Where The Thunderbird Lives that premiered at the Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2014, the newly formed Collective Performance Storytelling intercultural performance art ensemble with a new performance Trans-Actions at First Nations University of Canada October 2014, slated for the National Theatre in Tunis, Tunisia in 2015, and training with intercultural performance master Phillip Zarilli in Wales, UK.    She has been artist in residence at Payepot First Nation for the past four years creating large performance projects with the entire community.


China Cloud Ensemble is a new quartet comprised of musicians from Music and Movement Mondays. It includes Ben Brown, drums; Colin Cowan, contrabass; Elisa Thorn, harp; and Dominic Conway, saxophone.

Ben Brown is a Vancouver-based musician, composer, and member of the Juno award-winning group Pugs and Crows. He has collaborated with contemporary and ballet dancers including Justine Chambers, Heidi Bunting, Lee Su-Feh, Kenny Pearl, Edmond Kilpatrick, and Megan Walker Straight. He is a mainstay in Vancouver’s creative music scene, performing with Jill Barber, Michael Bates Quartet, The Unsupervised, The Crackling, and the C.R. Avery Band. He is the founder of a new weekly collaborative series between live musicians and dancers entitled Music and Movement Mondays. He has recently returned from a Canadian tour and is currently in recording sessions with Vancouver vocalist/pianist Alicia Hansen.

Dominic Conway has played in numerous jazz, rock, and R&B bands over the course of his eleven year career and has participated in the Vancouver International Jazz Festival as a member of The Bletchley Bombes and The Malleus Trio, both of which highlight his long running collaboration with drummer/composer Ben Brown.

Colin Edward Cowan is a Vancouver-based musician/comedian/curator. Current projects and collaborations include Colin Cowan and the Elastic Stars, as well as Dan Mangan, Analog Bell Service, Chris Kelly, Vows, White Knife, Tishomingo String Band, Rob Butterfield, Jenn Bojm, MALCOM JACK, and Tariq Hussain.

Elisa Thorn is a Vancouver-based harpist/curator. She currently composes and performs with her group Gently Party, and produces the Vancouver concert series Sound(E)scape, which brings together musicians with dancers, poets, puppeteers, and visual artists.