Listening Party: Anju Singh

@ 8-9:30pm

With great new music being released every month, keeping up can be a daunting task for even the most ardent music aficionado. Western Front’s Listening Party invites Vancouver-based artists to share some music that they have found thought-provoking and inspiring with curious listeners. This free event series hopes to provide a stepping off point for those looking to further explore new contemporary music.

On Thursday, July 15, multi-instrumentalist Anju Singh comes to Western Front for our first Listening Party since the start of the pandemic. Anju’s playlist runs a wide gamut from Madlib’s driving beats, to Swedish doom metal, to the punk band Haram, to early 20th century Greek violin music from Epirus. Come join us to listen and talk about music with Anju and Western Front’s New Music Curator Aram Bajakian.

Due to BC public health orders, capacity is limited and reservations are required. Bookings are now full. 

Presented with support from the Hamber Foundation.

Artist Biography

Anju Singh is a musician and sound artist who explores the tensions and relationship between abrasive and harmonic sounds, images, and textures. Anju has performed internationally in Brazil, across Europe, in Mexico, and across Canada. Most recently, Anju has participated as guest faculty for Plug In ICA’s Summer Institute, completed commissions for Vancouver New Music and Western Front, and has released several full-length records for her various music projects.