Luminous Performance

A series to accompany the exhibition, Luminous Sites. Curated by Glenn Lewis.

Paulette Phillips, 03/08/86: A narrative partly inspired by spontaneous scenes she witnessed. The audience watched both the live and mediated event simultaneously through the use of video.

Joe SarahanThe Rise and Fall of an Empire, 03/21/86: Aspects of youth culture, and its inherent relationship with mass media, commercialization and political commitment.

Randy and BerenicciRune, 03/27/86: This dramatic performance culminated in the artists boating out into Vancouver harbour and dropping huge letters, spelling H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, into the bay, observed by the audience from the thirty-first floor of Park Place, a Vancouver office tower.

Edward Lam, Luther Hansraj and Deborah MossSoul-Blind, 04/12/86: Notions of image production and consumption, emphasizing questions of subjectivity and the relationship between subject and information.