Made in March – how dare we? Festival Preview and Media Conference

@ 11:00am

have fun and enjoy women making art performing art March 2002 all over town

TIME Thursday, February 21, 2002, 11:00 AM
@ the Western Front 303 E. 8th Ave., Vancouver

Face it: Vancouver is a performing art hotbed. Women’s art in Vancouver is outspoken, outlandish, and beautiful. Made in March lifts up women – creating art, practicing art, and enjoying the energy, verve, wit and power of performing arts – to the world plane of celebrating.

We’re women artists doing the inevitable: getting together and calling it a Festival. Sneak preview the comedians, singers, poets reels and wonders of what’s Made in March:

Performance! C’est parfait! 2000Women perform and play on a new level March 6 – 10

Cabaret! Outlandish like women do best at Bustin’ Out Four: the Festival: the annual cabaret, March 8 & 9

Yak! Do you have the right cup size and how do you fit in? discover tools to take you to your best with inspiring speakers, March 10

Music! Hear a broad VIEW from the Front of sound worlds created by women today

Party! 2000 Women Bustin Out in the middle of it all March 10

Drama! “You have to tell me everything. I’ve seen you naked” Salmon Miranda wrestles with modern relationship reality

Full Figure Theatre Company, 2000Women, and VIEW from the Front won’t resist the call of International Women’s Day, March 8. We’ve brought together Made in March, setting out theatre, music, cabaret, film, discussion and a party to show off the real stories, visions and songs that make our lives rich, fun, concrete and joyous.

In Vancouver, have the luxury of celebrating. We earned it. On March 8, 1908, garment workers marched through New York streets, protesting working conditions, child labour, 12 hour working days, and miniscule pay. They were women. How far we have come.

Get the full spectrum at the MADE IN MARCH FESTIVAL PREVIEW Feb 21, 2002, at the Western Front. 11:00 AM at Western Front: 303 E. 8th Ave, Vancouver.