Mandala ’82

Artist-in-residence. Special production.

“This tape concerns the Mandala, which is a symbol of states of consciousness in esoteric Buddhism. All beings arise from the sands of eternity and return to the sands of eternity. Keeping in mind the end result would be a video tape, I followed the traditional method of making a mandala. Red, Green and black are the basic colours of Buddhism. The mandala philosophy is that everything is in a constant state of change; thus mandalas are made of sand. The four elements: earth, water, fire and wind create the world. I made the mandalas and returned them to the sands through these four elements.” - Ko Nakajima

There was also a workshop given in the use of the Aniputer, a computer graphics system for video, which Nakajima developed in Japan with the help of Sony engineers.

Digitized video of this production is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.