The Upgrade! Vancouver

Steve DiPaola spoke about Digital Portraiture in the Age of Virtuality. DiPaola demonstrated his authoring process and final still, installation and performance works centered around finding a new meaning for abstract portraiture in a new media context. From his 1988 Kraftwerk art video work, to new works that use AI to extract emotion from music, that drive spherically projected portrait installations, or that evolve a family tree of portrait painting programs, Steve’s work delves into human-ness versus artifact in new media portraiture. He also discussed art-research practice and mixing new media art with communication and education systems.

As both an active artist and scientist, Steve DiPaola delves into the concepts of the virtual and the social by creating virtual human and community systems both in his research and art work. An Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University, Steve directs the I-Viz Lab ( which strives to make computer systems bend more to the human experience. He came to SFU from Stanford University and before that spent 10 years as a senior researcher at NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, an early pioneering lab in high-end 3D techniques. He has held senior positions at Electronic Arts and Saatchi & Saatchi Innovation and has consulted for HP, Kodak, Macromedia and the Institute for the Future. His art work has been exhibited international including the AIR and Tibor de Nagy galleries in NYC as well as the Whitney Museum of Art, and the IBM Gallery of Science and Art. With his wife, he co-curated the first computer art show in a major NYC gallery in 1988.

Curated by Kate Armstrong, The Upgrade! Vancouver is a forum for artists and curators working with new media and technologies to informally present their work, and is meant to foster dialogue and create opportunities for collaboration within the media art community.

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