Musicity 84

A festival of new Vancouver music produced by Hank Bull to accompany Art City, a large exhibition that took place simultaneously in several spaces across the city.

Courage of Lassie (Canada) 11/23/84
Laiwan, Ron Anon, Mady No and Rod Booth. Multi-media works for electronics, voice, guitar, violin and percussion.

Eric Wyness, Gordon Koch (Canada) Flying Undercups 11/24/84

Cassation Group (Canada) 11/27/84

Tom Hajdu (Canada) Five of Five 11/27/84
Five of Five is a post-avant garde ensemble of performers and composers working with pan-stylistic structured improvisations. For the performance, the group comprised Flautist Nancy Riecken, bassoonist Ward Hunting, Rod Yates on tuba, cellist Finn Manniche, pianist Barry Barrington, and percussionist Tom Hajdu.

Lyn Vasey, Gerald X, Juppiter-Larson (Canada) 11/28/84

Alex Varty, Doug Schmidt (Canada) 11/29/84
Varty performed solo compositions and improvisations on electric guitar; debut of a new work for multiple bowed Hawaiian guitars, augmented by digital electronics. Schmidt compositions: ‘Music for Pennywhistle, Accordion, and Mandolin’ with guest artists Rick Walliser on accordian and Bruce Clausen.

Hextremities (Canada), Composition by Committee 12/01/84
Kenneth Newby, dx 7, woodwinds; Martin Gotfrit, guitar, x7; Debbie Boyko, voice; Andreas Kahre, drums, percussion; Mark Parlett, bass; Randy Raine-Reusch, ethnic instruments.