New Music Across America

A festival held simultaneously in ten cities. Co-sponsored by the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society.

Martin Bartlett 10/01/92
Computer interactive compositions, with Peter Hannan, Sergio Barroso, David Branter, Matt Rogalsky et al. Produced by Bill Parsons.

Barre Phillips (France), Brick on Brick 10/02/92
Acoustic bass, with Alain Joule, James Giroudon and Jean François Esthager.

Debbie Boyko; Kenneth Newby (Canada), Amphibious Tales and News from Hyperspace 10/03/92
Boyko: Song cycle for extended voice, text, dance and percussion. Newby: new work for small computer controlled synthesizers and persussion. With Mark Parlett, Andreas Kahre et al.

Wende Bartley, Susan Frykberg, Hildegard Westerkamp (Canada) 10/04/92
New works for live electronics by four composers.

ISKRA 1903 (UK) 10/04/92
Barry Guy, Paul Rutherford, Phil Wachsmann

Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Ione, Randy Raine-Reusch (USA/Canada) 10/05/92
Oliveros, accordion, voice; Dempster, trombone; Raine-Reusch, multi-instrumentalist; Ione, meditation and Tibetan bell.