Nils Norman Talking About Play

@ 7:00pm

*Offsite venue:  221A (221 East Georgia Street)

Scrivener’s Monthly presents an evening with London-based artist Nils Norman. Working across the disciplines of public art, architecture and urban planning, Norman’s practice is informed by local politics and ideas of alternative economics, ecological systems and play. His projects merge utopian alternatives with current urban design to create a humorous critique of the discrete histories and functions of public art and urban planning.

Nils Norman is an artist living in London. He exhibits and generates projects 
and collaborations in museums and galleries internationally. He has completed major public art projects, 
including a pedestrian bridge, small playgrounds and a landscaping project for the City of Roskilde, Denmark. He has participated in various biennials worldwide and has developed commissions for SculptureCenter, Long Island City, NY; London Underground, UK; Tate Modern, UK; Loughborough University, UK; Creative Time, NYC and the Centre d’ Art Contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland. He is currently developing two small-scale urban farming parks in the Hague, the Netherlands, that test and question the limitations and potentialities of permaculture as a possible city-wide alternative design strategy for urban centres. He is also the lead artist for the city of Cambridge’s project to redevelop part of Trumpington, an area on the city’s southern fringe – developing play elements, street furniture, an allotment and community garden and wayfinding. He is the author of four publications: Edible Park, Nils Norman. Eds. Taco de Neef, Nils Norman, Peter de Rooden, Astrid Vorstermans. Valiz, NL. 2012; Thurrock 2015, a comic commissioned by the General Public Agency, London, UK, 2004; An Architecture of Play: A Survey of London’s Adventure Playgrounds, Four Corners, London, UK, 2004; and The Contemporary Picturesque, Book Works, London, UK, 2000. He is a Professor at the the Royal Danish Academy of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark, where he leads the School of Walls and Space.

Scrivener’s Monthly is a series of public presentations that explore the space between material practices and spoken words: a periodical that talks. Set alongside the exhibitions program at Western Front, this experiment in “not publishing” involves readings, performances, and other articulations.

Co-presented by 221A.