Noise not Noise

Admission: Free for panels, KK Null $18/15

A series of panels and performances exploring the changing role of noise in culture.

In 1913 Italian futurist Luigi Russolo stated that the industrial revolution had given modern men a greater capacity to appreciate more complex sounds. Almost a century later, we have new definitions, uses and understandings of noise as a phenomena that occurs across disciplines. Through public lecture, panel discussion, performance and participatory events, this two-day symposium will examine new realms for noise-making and its broader meanings and interpretations across disciplines.


On Friday March 26th, Dr. Laura Marks, the Dena Wosk University Professor in Art and Culture Studies at SFUʼs School for the Contemporary Arts, will deliver the keynote presentation, “A Noisy Brush with the Infinite”. Dr Marks is a scholar, theorist and curator of experimental media arts and will address the control of information in the public domain, and the potential function of noise as a creative and political counterpoint to dominant cultural forces.

This will be followed with a performance by legendary Japanese noise artist, KK Null. Null is an internationally recognized, experimental musician and composer. His extreme sound marks innovative solo projects and innumerable collaborations with artists such as Merzbow, Boredoms drummer Eye Yamatsuka, Mike Patton and Sonic Youth.

This concert is affiliated with the Fake Jazz Festival which takes place from March 24-28.
For more information on the Fake Jazz Festival please CLICK HERE


On Saturday, March 27, two interdisciplinary panels will discuss the state and function of noise in contemporary culture from a range of perspectives:

Critic and writer Clint Burnham will moderate a panel discussion featuring Dr. Laura Marks, visual artist Isabelle Pauwels, and forensic psychologist Dr. Michael Woodworth.

Western Front Executive Director Caitlin Jones will moderate a second panel featuring visual artist Eli Bornowsky, composer Giorgio Magnanensi, and poet and visual artist Donato Mancini.


The weekendʼs events will conclude with a workshop on Sunday, March 28. The Empty Vessel Makes the Loudest Sound will engage participants with heightened awareness of silence, sound and sounding.

Coinciding with events will be an online exhibition. Network Noise not Noise will include works by artists Cory Arcangel,, Guthrie Lonergan, Lee Walton and others that respond to the increasing mass of digital information on the Internet.



Friday, March 26
Keynote: Dr. Laura Marks 7PM
Music: KK Null, 8PM

Saturday, March 27
Panel One: 10AM-12PM
Moderator: Clint Burnham Panelists: Dr. Laura Marks, Isabelle Pauwels, and Dr. Michael Woodworth

Panel Two: 1-3PM Moderator: Caitlin Jones Panelists: Eli Bornowsky, Giorgio Magnanensi and Donato Mancini

Sunday, March 28
Workshop: 11AM-12:30PM
The Empty Vessel Makes the Loudest Sound

Online Exhibition
Network Noise not Noise