Occupation 3: Automates Ki – Maxime de la Rochefoucauld

@ 8:00pm

SEDENTARY OR NOMADIC? Canadian composer Maxime Rioux, aka Maxime De La Rochefoucauld, creates music with his mechanical orchestra of self-built automatons that is not so much polyrhythmic as polygravitational. With his mechanical orchestra of self-built automatons, he creates a theatrical performance/installation of soulful sound makers using ultra low frequency (inaudible) waves generated by an analogue synthesizer. The automatons are a whimsical mix of recognizable musical instruments and the booty of many garage sales: an assortment of bottles, thread spools, corks and bits of metal. www.maximerioux.com

“…when the trumpet gets going, the sound is almost on par with electric Miles Davis; the whole manner in which this beast is assembled brings to mind zany sculptor Jean Tinguely…” Mike McGonigal, Raygun

Tickets: $15 reg /$12 WF members / $7 students
Special Two Show Price $25 / $20 / $15
Euis Komariah and Gangan Garmana Friday, March 23, 2008, 9 pm
Maxime De La Rochefoucauld Automateski Saturday, March 24, 8 pm