Old Flames

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VII, no. 2, p. 9, November/December 1995:

The Eminent jazz song duo of sopranist Steve Lacy and vocalist Irène Aebi return to the Western Front of their new performance, Old Flames. The songs of Old Flames, centred around texts by a variety of poets including Taslima Nasrin, Elizabeth Jennings, Elizabeth Smart and Elma Mitchell, concentrate on the relationships between aging, desire, love and politics. Recent erotic photography by Ariane Lopez Haici will be projected during the performance, visually reflecting the thematic concerns.

Steve Lacy, considered to be one of the most accomplished and prolific sopranists, has been performing since the 1950′s. His mastery of both instrument and composition has elevated him to the highest echelon of contemporary jazz. He has worked extensively with incorporating contemporary poetry into his composition, including work on the texts of Brion Gysin, Robert Creely, and Buckminster Fuller.

Irène Aebi was born in Zurich, and attended the Geneva Conservatory, where she studied violin and piano. Her involvement with jazz began in 1966. In the last few years her vocal work has become increasingly celebrated. She has played with Alan Silva, Takahaci Kako, Sunny Murray, and above all, Steve Lacy, with whom she has recorded numerous records.