Artist Talk

/ Opening @ 6:30/8:00pm

Western Front Media Arts is excited to announce a pop-up exhibition and accompanying artist talk by current Media Artists in Residence Oliver Laric and Aleksandra Domanovic. For one week only, Berlin based artists Laric and Domanovic, are presenting an in-process video installation in the Western Front gallery featuring recent works, including work completed during their month-long production residency at Western Front. Both Laric and Domanovic work primarily on the internet, but often extend their respective practices into physical space.

The installation takes its point departure from two words Shanzhai (山寨) and Turbo, terms that refer to imitation, copying and the ongoing way in which images and objects are translated and appropriated across cultures.

Shanzhai (山寨) defines a production system outside of the legal domain, centered in Shenzhen in the province of Guangdong, China. Shanzhai literally means mountain stronghold, implying a place of creativity unsupervised by state monopoly. Shanzhai products adapt to local needs, reflect current developments and progress at a more dynamic pace than official products. Mobile phones are equipped with flashlights, solar panels, dual SIM card slots. Shanzhai redefines the perception of copy and original. It is not pure mimesis, rather an eclectic translation of ideas.

The prefix “Turbo” is used in ex-Yugoslavia to describe hybrid folkloristic and nationalistic forms that imitate contemporary technological aesthetics. Turbo Folk, a highly popular genre of Serbian music of the 90s, freely samples traditional and contemporary sources resulting in a mix of techno rhythms and traditional melodies. Accordingly, terms such as Turbo Urbanism, Turbo Politics and Turbo Architecture developed. War time Turbo Culture was mostly associated with exaggerated nationalism, almost pornographic kitsch and crime glorification, the post war “Turbo” boldly contrasts nationalist xenophobia while retaining its stylistic identity.

山寨 TURBO is open to the public for a limited time this Saturday January 29 until Saturday February 5. The Western Front Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 5pm.

Please join us for an artist talk by Oliver Laric and Aleksandra Domonovic on Friday, February 4, at 6.30pm, and a closing reception starting at 8.00pm.

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Aleksandra Domanovic was born 1981 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. Oliver Laric was born 1981 in Shenzhen, China.