OVER/HEARING and Consumption

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VII, no. 5, p. 11, Summer 1996:

Geldart’s works are investigations of the spoken word and the politics of listening. They question our role, position, involvement and responsibilities in social relationships when we — for example — overhear a domestic argument apparently taking place in a room adjacent to the gallery. Geldart introduces gallery visitors to a situation of “accidental” listening, positioning them in the seat of a judge or a jury passing sentence through a two way mirror.

Consumption, a sound piece installed on a faux public telephone, will be placed outside the Western Front building and deals with issues of consumerism. The telephone is programmed to ring every ten minutes, inviting passers-by to pick up the receiver and listen to the recorded message.

Tasse Geldart is based in Scarborough, Ontario.