Performance By LOUD

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. IX, no. 3, p. 7, Jan/Feb 1998:

With earth-shaking Taiko drums and ferocious electric guitar, LOUD explores the limitless possibilities of rhythmic and melodic power. LOUD are trans-canada guitar ace Elaine Stef and seasoned Taiko drummers Eileen Kage from Vancouver and Leslie Komori from Seattle. Kage and Komori are founding members of Sawagi Taiko and have toured internationally with Kokoro Dance and Uzume Taiko. Stef has toured and recorded with numerous groups, including the Lillian Allen Band and Rhythm Activism, and composes music for multimedia performance, film and video.

Kage and Stef began playing together after jamming and trying out musical ideas in the fall of 1995. They played guitar, taiko, drum kit, power tools, sand paper etc., and talked about working with other artists and musicians. When asked to perform at Rock Against Prisons in the summer of 1996, they asked Leslie Komori to perform with them. The combination of the three sounded “really fucking cool,” and thus begat LOUD. The three continue to jam out ideas, create and amuse each other.