Untitled Performance

Work is a performance in which Labreque wears a pink jump-suit and uses pre-recorded voice, wooden letters, and other makeshift instruments to make music.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, Nov/Dec 1991 Vol.III No.2 P.32:

In collaboration with Western Front

Coming from a background in dance and visual arts, Montreal artist Manon Labrecque has been working alone and in collaboration to create dance, performance and installations. The roots of Labrecque’s work are found in an investigation of day to day experiences. Combining action, objects and places of everyday life, Labrecque’s work transcends banality to discover the emotional load, the force and the poetry of reality.

Guided by the relationship between the body, movement, time and space in her artistic exploration, Labrecque sees creation as a physical and psychic experiment with living and sharing. Labrecque has previously presented her works in Canada, Europ, and Mexico. This is Labrecque’s first performance presentation in Vancouver and is co-sponsored by Western Front.

Digitized video available through Western Front Archives upon research request.