Performance by Scott Tate

Work is a performance that follows Scott on a journey along the Alaska Highway.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine vol. IV, no. 3, p. 12, January/February 1993:

“Joseph Ford on Chaos: ‘Dynamics freed at last from the shackles of order and predictabilty” … blah, blah, blah …

It’s funny how everything, no matter how it is phrased, ends up sounding like an ad campaign. That’s probably because it’s true. The promotion of thy self. The self. The slogan of the Ancient Greeks was “know thyself”. The slogan of modern times is “sell thy self”. And it’s better that you don’t “know thy self” because lies and exaggerations sell.

The generation X evolving into the generation why … the generation of cheap toy merchants paddling their wares to cranky arrogant children building self-styled sand castles. Those decaying soft edifices, hot buttered ivory towers of Babel sodomizing the howling dogs huddled in the shadowed corners of our minds.

Please don’t let it be another soap box preaching of the gospel in hushed cocktail tones to a cafe crowd guzzling effluent in a rainy day illusion. Another righteous prince mounting his steed and in long studies of the iron hindquarters pummel the turf singing sweet along some misty plain, another cheap race with truth in a borrowed suit.

Premise: Democratic Art … – Scott Tate