A festival to explore the interaction between music, sculpture, performance art and the idea of ‘space’.

Alvin Lucier (USA), Music on a Long Thin Wire, 11/07/83 to 11/13/83
Artist-in-Residence. Co-sponsored by Vancouver New Music Society. Installation in the gallery, workshop and concert..

Roger Heaton (U.K.), solo clarinet, Performance/Space, 11/10/83
Co-sponsored by SFU.

John Fonville, Jim Staley, David Weinstein (USA), The Illuminated Man, 11/14/83
A performance by the founders of New York music space, Roulette, consisted primarily of the realizations of Weinstein’s room-sized graphic score, ‘The Illuminated Man’ around which the audience was seated and upon which the performance took place.

Patrick Wedd (USA) 11/09/83
Solo piano.

Owen Underhill, Christopher Butterfield, Richard Sacks (Canada), Solo 2 Trio, 11/17/83
Cross-continental collaboration.

Martin Bartlett, New Musica Ensemble (Canada), The Great Learning Part 7, 11/18/83
Performance of work by Cornelius Cardew, choir directed by Bartlett.