Pour Occupation Immate: Performative Urban Space and Architecture

/ Opening @ 8:00pm

Curated by Jonathan Middleton (Western Front) & Daniel Roy (SKOL)

In collaboration with SKOL in Montreal, Western Front Exhibitions presents an installation by Montreal artists Thomas Bégin, Nicolas Renaud and Ralph Ghoche, and Vancouver artists Colleen Brown, Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens.

Acting as a dialogue between the two cities, Pour occupation immédiate: Performative Urban Space and Architecture features artwork dealing with public and private space, and the sociopolitical role of the body plays in inhabiting those spaces.

This exhibition was first presented in Montreal at Centre des arts actuels SKOL (March 30-April 27, 2002) and is being staged in a slightly different incarnation at the Western Front. It marks the first of a series of exhibitions at the Western Front dealing with documents of performance and performative acts.