Pro-Am: Art and Culture on the Internet

Pro-Am is a three day conference about internet art practice, bringing together a range of thinkers and practitioners to explore the implications of the changing role of artists as ‘users’ online. All events if not otherwise specified are in the Western Front Grand Luxe Hall, 303 East 8th Avenue.  Please see schedule below:

Friday, September 28 @ 8pm – Opening reception, keynote performance 

Keynote performance: Artist and composer Cory Arcangel will debut a new multi-site performance, investigating the disembodied communication and the  spectacle of technology and performance. Working with consumer networking tools, the long duration performance in the Grand Luxe Hall will engage Western Front’s history of broadcast art and technology initiatives.

Performance by MSHR (Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper). MSHR, an experimental sensory project will explore confludences between nature and technology using homemade electronic instruments, movement and audio-visual improvisation.  For more information visit:


Saturday, September 29 

11am: Do you Believe in Users? Internet art histories and Digital Folklore.

Dragan Espencheid (Stuttgart, Germany)

Hank Bull (Vancouver,BC)

Amber Frid-Jimenez  (Vancouver, BC)

Caitlin Jones (respondent)


2pm: Surf + Source: the artist as user from writing code to sourcing the readymades

Sylvain Sailly (Vancouver, BC)

Lorna Mills (Toronto, Ontario)

Matthew Williamson (Syracuse, New York)

Raphael Bastide (Paris, France)

Kate Armstrong  (respondent)


7pm – 11pm: Speed Show: Ping! curated by Aaron Chan and Aureliano Seguando,

Nicola Internet Cafe, 1565 Robson Street.

Featuring work by: Nicolas Sassoon, Stage Baker, Sabrina Ratté, Yoshi Sodeoka, Carri Munden, Novembre Magazine, Sara Ludy, Sylvain Sailly, Frieda-raye Green, Chris Shier, Patrick Cruz, Kaja Cxzy Andersen, Jeffrey Henderson, Laura Brothers, Ry David Bradley, Andrej Ujhazy, Emilio Gomariz, Kim Asendorf, Rick Silva, Lorna Mills, Matthew Williamson, Dragan Espencheid, Steph Davidson , Brenna Murphy, Olia Lialina, Jon Rafman, Cory Arcangel , Duncan Alexander, Alice Leonard.


Sunday, September 30

11am: Internet art now, online and off.  Four artist talks. 

Rick Silva (Eugene, Oregon)

Sara Ludy (Vancouver, BC)

Brenna Murphy (Portland, Oregon)

Jon Rafman (Montreal, Quebec)

Sarah Todd (respondent)


2pm : All together now:  building art collectives and communities online

Hank Bull (Vancouver, BC)

Nicolas Sassoon (Vancouver, BC)

Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Toronto, ON)

Matthew Williamson (respondent)