The January/February 2009 issue of FRONT with a cover by Matthew Forsythe and artists projects by Helmut Smits, Michael Marlowsky and the Xenographic Society. The issue also contains the next installment of our series of studio profiles, by Rebecca Lamarre, and the first of Lars Cuzner’s film and artists reviews.


Now you see it, now you don’t: as recent adjustments in the financial sector remind us, a drop in the value of imaginary property may in turn cause a considerable drop in the imaginary value of property. The church of Rome recently discovered that it believes excessive amounts of the latter amount to a mortal sin—extending the vicious cycle well into infinity. Commodity traders must still choose among animal, vegetable and mineral, but for the rest us, the old rule holds: neither a lender nor a borrower be.


Snake Fight, by Matthew Forsythe,

Table of Contents

Spread by Azin Seraj

Artists Projects

George At The End Of The World , By Michael Markowsky
Being And Time, Abridged, By The Xenographic Society
The Real Thing, By Helmut Smits


Painting Maps, By Brittany Mitchell
Photograph Eggery, By Jocelyn Beyak
Photography Ryan, By Lisa Walker
Fiction By Amber Dawn Tralala
Fiction Us Vs. Them, By Nikki Reimer
Transcript 108754618, By Amy Modahl
Installation Untitled, By Laura Calvi
Fiction Between Wars, By Christine Leclerc
Poetry Thresh Ii, By Kim Minkus
Digital Collage Ing, By Amy Modahl
Drawing Coney Island, By Leora Morinis
Collage View From Above, By Jessica Gabriel


Studio Profile: The Old Artillery Shed, By Rebecca Lamarre
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