Queensborough: Clearcutting the Neighbourhood?

Installation includes Queensborough bridge, poster-sized black and white prints depicting two different views of the neighbourhood and a video on Queensborough, where both media objectivity and community interests are examined.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 2, p. 6, November/December 1993:

About half-an-hour from Vancouver, a rural community is being transformed by a two-hundred home housing development. Ten feet of landfill have been added to the soil on a small farm, in preparation for construction. However, plans were delayed when a garden facing the site was moved ten feet over and up, the ground literally lifted by an underground river. Queensborough is a floating mass of bog, part of Lulu Island in the middle of the Fraser River, and people are concerned about the intensity of this land use.

Visitors to the Western Front installation will pass over the Queensborough bridge, and be shown two different perspectives on the neighbourhood. Poster-sized black and white photographic portraits by Leanne Leduc present a personal view of the community–the development is located half a block from her home. She has recently had two photo-based shows in New Westminster with text about Queensborough.

Leduc’s collaborator, media artist Laura Boschman, has prepared a video tape on Queensborough, where both media “objectivity” and community interests are examined. The video will also be screened at meetings in the neighbourhood.