raw and cooked

@ 8:00pm

Sundays 8 PM $5 Last show of the season April 24, 2005

Back by popular demand. Your opportunity to try out some new performance ideas. Original works for spoken word, dance, video, music and performance art. Low fi, unplugged, laptops, live acts, telepathy, and alternative practices are welcome! Contact rawandcooked@front.bc.ca
Curated by Sarah McDougall

Sunday April 23, 8pm

Aleah Dunfield- performance art
Marielle Bethoux- dance
Kevin Spenst- spoken word
Rob Smith & Steve Vickery- songs
Christine Gibson aka Michele Chelefont

Sunday January 30, 8pm

The Beauticians: violins, guitar, voice

Joanna Chapman Smith: new music and spoken word

Chrystalene: spoken word

‘the creaking planks’: a droney song, a noisy song, a short improv; all with a touch of pirate !

“That’s my brain… and you’re KILLING it!”: spoken word with dramatic elements

Singer/songwriter Geoff Thompson, vocalist with local band “notes from the underground”

Sunday February 27, 8pm
Diffusion and Improvising

Ben Wilson and Stefan Smulovitz, Wendy Atkinson and Stefan Smulovitz, David Law, James Petit, Andrea Fields, Elizabeth Knudsen, Sarah MacDougall, Ana Savoc