Reading by George Stanley

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VII, no. 2, p. 8, November/December 1995:

Please join us for a reading by George Stanley to celebrate the launch of Gentle Northern Summer published by New Star Books. Gentle Northern Summer is a collection of poems
which takes the reader on trips to California, Ireland, Moscow, and Stonehenge, as well as Terrace and Prince George, BC.
Included are the long poems San Francisco’s Gone and Terrace Landscape, poems on public events such as the fall of the Berlin wall; poems on sex, love, work consumer capitalism,
hockey, city traffic, hangovers; and on the deaths of family and friends.
Born in San Francisco, Stanley now lives and writes in Vancouver, where he teaches English at Capilano College. His poems have appeared in The Capilano Review, Vancouver Review, New Directions, Line,
Blue Canary
, and Sodomite Invasion Review, among others. His previous books include you, The Stick, Opening Day, and Temporarily.