Readings by 3 Exciting Vancouver Writers

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 5, p. 8, May/June 1995:

Nadine Chambers
Larissa Lai
Shamina Senaratne

Nadine Chambers is a Jamaican Zami who writes to read. She recently discovered that her $4.99 Army & Navy pillows are actually speakers directly plugged into her wired alter-ego called Ro. Tuning in during the space/time slot between night & day, she gets the 411 on ideas about the intimate relationship between women, sex, food, & other pleasurable necessities. Her piece is part of the series she may as well call The Pillow Talk Series.

Larissa Lai will be reading from her novel When Fox is a Thousand,  forthcoming from Press Gang publishers this fall. In Chinese folk mythology, foxes have the power to transform into women. In this form, they can seduce and manipulate, teach moral lessons, or show up political situations for their contradictions and hypocrisies. In When a Fox is a Thousand, the fox enters the body of the poet and comes to Canada, where she loses touch with her mother tongue. Artemis Wong, a twentysomething narrator, writes letters to the Chinese poet, infusing her with life through the keyboard. When she goes shopping for groceries she encounters the fox, who makes her a chicken dinner and takes her on an unusual tour of her own city.

Shamina Senaratne buys her own flowers, decorates cakes, paints shower curtains, and makes a great cornish game hen with red currant sauce. Her electroacoustic compositions based on have been heard at Sonic Boom and on Co-op Radio. Her visual art has been exhibited in Vancouver and Toronto; and her Theatre/Dance show River Run  was recently performed at the 1995 Women in View Festival as part of the Formations Series.