Readings by Jodey Castricano, Jacqueline Larson & Roy Miki

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VII, no. 3, p. 9, January/February 1996:

Jodey Castricano has published in West Coast Line, How(ever), Open Letter, and has recently published in the pomflit series, Conundrums: Letters to Mary Shelley from the Underground.

At any given moment she-I can be found working at her-my dissertation, a project that reflects her-my passion for the Gothic.

Jacqueline Larson has published poetry and non-fiction in Borderlines, absinthe, West Coast Line, Motel, f.(Lip), and other magazines. She’s sure there’s a book in there somewhere.

Roy Miki is a poet, writer and teacher. He has for a number of years been at the centre of the Japanese Canadian redress movement and is the author of several books, including Random Access File, Saving Face and the chapbook Market Rinse. He is the editor of Tracing the Paths, a collection of writing on bp Nichol’s The Martyrology; is the editor of the literary magazine West Coast Line and teaches contemporary literature at Simon Fraser University.

About Random Access File, Miki’s recently published book of poems from Red Deer College Press: “These poems search for access to home as a problematic term bound into the shifting terrain of language, subjectivity and imposed identities. From seemingly idyllic digressions to the destructive internment of Japanese Canadians during and after WWII, Roy Miki’s poems can’t stop moving – towards the next poem, towards the next file of words. But always, in every word, towards a sense of home that must always remain elusive.”