Breakup Cakes, Christa Treadwell
Front Mag Signs Off, Caitlin Jones
A Chronological Accounting of Front Mag, Staff
Excerpts, Paul Anthony Carr
We Have Always Had Facebooks, and Still We Have Never Been Modern, Charlie Loyd
Provincial Affairs: Getting to the Gigs, Patrick Ready
(Untitled) poster at the Art Gallery of NSW, Mark Dahl
In the Boudoir, Everywhere poster insert, Duke and Battersby
M as in Explosive, P for White Flag, Marie-Helene Tessier
A Fond Farewell to I Wayan Sadra, DB Boyko
Getting off the Art Grid, Karianne Blank interviews Laiwan
Abysmal Chasm, Aaron Carpenter
A History of the Western Front Lodge, Shannon Craver with Sitji Chou
21st Century Friction, Vincent Perez
Reckless Coiffure, Sophia Bartholomew
Garden of Eden, Andrzej Maciejewski
Lunch Trays, Sally Lee
Yes, it Hurt: Front Magazine Commemorative Tattoo, Karianne Blank

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Editor Reanna Alder. Art Director Karianne Blank