Artist Residency

Reverieis a virtual urban landscape (on the Web). Inside this city, an ever-expanding group of international sound artists will build venues for their work. Reverie imagines a variety of poetic extrapolations on the regions that exist in our cities ñ a merging of Sunset Boulevard, Lower Manhattan, boat-houses on the canal, the Surrey Landfill site, and a public botanical garden of the future. The web interface for the project will consist of an abstracted grid. The contributing artists will locate themselves within the grid and define the characteristics of their environment and sound venue. Over time, the growing collection of audio art venues will define a structure of neighbourhoods and communities in which artists plan time-based events and engage other inhabitants in collaboration and exchange. The project includes artist-in-residence projects, artist talks, presentations, streaming events, and a catalogue with an accompanying audio CD.

Alberto Guedea is an interdisciplinary Artist/Curator who works mainly with sound and computer based themes. His work explores the relationship between physical and virtual environments within culture and society. Guedea pioneered the electronic Mexican sound art underground realizing sound installations and composing works for several albums and experimental projects for gallerys and performance venues across the country in the late nineties. In recent years he has shown work based on digitally processed data, online performance, sculpture and sound.

Michael North will work remotely from Ottawa to develop new sound works from sampling, processing and re-editing the vocals of Elizabeth Fischer. Excerpts of works that were broadcast for Re-Inventing Radio on September 3, 2004 can be heard at

Ken Roux works with a variety of home-made electronic instruments, often employing feedback and live re-wiring of components. Excerpts of his performances for Re-Inventing Radio on September 3, 2004 can be heard at

Igor Santizo in his work is currently exploring the relationship between consciousness and materialism. This question of metaphysics amidst postmodern consumerism is addressed through freeform drawing, improvised sound work, conceptual projects and teaching. Santizo’s work is about a dynamic play/inquiry as Creative Becoming. Igor is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute. His interdisciplinary projects have been exhibited and performed in Canada in group and solo exhibitions, including at: the Or gallery, Luft gallery, Zsa Zsa gallery, the Western Front, the Belkin Satellite and the Vancouver Art Gallery.