Robert Ashley speaking thru Will Holder

Scrivener’s Monthly is a series of public presentations that explore the space between material practices and spoken words: a periodical that talks. Set alongside the exhibitions program at The Western Front, this experiment in “not publishing” will involve readings, performances, and other articulations.

For the first iteration of Scrivener’s Monthly, from June 2nd to June 17th, British designer Will Holder will be researcher in residence at the Western Front. During his stay Holder will host a series of events related to the work of contemporary American composer Robert Ashley.*

Public events include:

Thursday June 14th: “An Evening with Robert Ashley” a talk by Will Holder, 8 pm

Friday, June 15th: Performance of Robert Ashley’s “The Entrance”(1966) by Julia Feyrer & Will Holder 8 pm

Saturday June 16th: Recital of “Yes, But Is It Edible?” (1999) by Will Holder  & playback of “Pillars” (2007) 8 pm

Co-presented by Fillip.

Future iterations of Scrivener’s monthly will include a public talk by Aaron Flint Jamison, co-presented by Artspeak, and readings and screenings by Chris Kraus, co-presented by Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Dim Cinema.


* Since 2005, Will Holder and Alex Waterman have been scoring “Yes, But Is It Edible?”, a biography of Robert Ashley, for four or more voices. Forthcoming, 2013.