Sarah Foulquier: Angle Mort

/ Opening @ 7:00pm

The Western Front is pleased to present Angle Mort (Blind Spot), a solo exhibition by emerging artist Sarah Foulquier. Drawing on the vocabularies of architecture and design, the exhibition includes sculpture, video and photographic works that consider the ways in which we sense the physical world.

Sarah Foulquier’s ideas take shape through a process of material investigation and experimentation. An instinct to push materials to their physical limits is demonstrated in Foulquier’s new work, Wall of paint (2010). Carefully proportioned to resemble its real world counterpart, the sculpture is constructed through a process of pouring thin layers of paint into a shallow mold. Visually, the piece registers as a solid structure, but the material has the ability to flex and move. Slightly curved, it rests in a state of balance, resituating our knowledge of familiar forms and the ways they should behave in a given space. Colonne (2010), another new work, is a hollow pillar that acts as a mobile. The piece gently turns and responds to movement in the gallery space, drawing attention to the presence of the viewer.