An Update from Western Front

Taking into consideration the recent government guidelines, we look forward to recommencing our program in mid-June. After this time, our commitment to supporting artists, audiences and interdisciplinary experimentation will remain, but will be somewhat reconfigured in the short term. Programming will occur online, onsite, and in other forms as is needed to ensure the safety of all. We look forward to sharing further details with you shortly, and to working collectively towards the future.

In the meantime, as we continue to work from home and via online video conferencing, Western Front’s experiments with Slow Scan Television in the 80s and 90s have gained new resonance. Rewatching these works reminds us that each era is defined by the unthinkable, with new technologies and conditions inspiring us to adapt and reimagine our relations to each other anew. We hope you enjoy this snippet from our archive of telecommunication works!