Scenes Unseen

Ruth Beer’s installation of new work includes sculpture, photography, and a multi-projection video. Her work presents an inquiry into the representation of objects and places, and reflects on the relationships between art, society and its objects, and how, in turn, these representations embody economic and social codes of meaning. Through the use of familiar work environments and generic institutional furniture, her installation reconsiders everyday activities and places in relation to objects of daily consumption.

Approaching her work with the sensibility of a sculptor, meaning in her work is found not so much in the objects and images themselves but in the relationships between them. Marking the third time she has worked in video, Beer’s projections are set in workplace environments, and pay careful attention to the visual and spatial qualities of these interiors. Making use of performances that highlight the relationships between spaces, objects, and the body, the video vignettes comment on the unconventional spaces in which one can hide out, fit in, while simultaneously being present and invisible.

Ruth Beer has exhibited her sculptures and photographs widely including solo exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Contemporary Art Gallery as well as other galleries throughout Canada, Japan, and the United States. Beer is an Associate Professor and former Head of Visual Arts at Emily Carr Institute.