Series of Film Screenings: 1984

Curated by Maria Insell.

Experimental Narrative (Canada) 03/14/84

Patricia Gruben, Kay Armatage, Raphael Bendagan, Leila Sujir, Blaine Allen Michael Snow, Patrick Jenkins, Amnon Buchbinder (Canada) 09/20/84

Buchbinder Criminal Language (1981), Snow: So Is This (1982), Jenkins Sign Language (1982)

Joyce Wieland (Canada) 09/25/84

A programme of 9 films

u.v.a. (Germany) 10/09/84

also 10/10/84, Super 8 films from Berlin. Produced by 20 members of the Berlin-based artistic group u.v.a. Among them are films by the painters Andrea Hillen and Kurt Hoffmeister. George Ladanyl, a member of u.v.a. introduced the films. Co-sponsored by Goethe Institute (West Germany)

Vancouver Filmmakers (Canada) 11/09/84

Films from the Funnel (Canada) 12/06/84

Anna Gronau, Regards (1983), Ross McLaren, Sex Without Glasses (1983), Michaelle McLean, (untitled) 1983, Toby MacLennan, The Absence of a Hole (1981), Patrick Jenkins, Shadowplay (1981), Michaelle McLean 20:20 (1980), David Bennell, Hadrian’s Villa (1982) and Circle Line (1983)