Slow Wave Pt. 2 & Here Nor There, Season 1 Podcast Launch

@ 7pm

Slow Wave Pt 2.
All the Little Objectiles by Michelle Mackenzie
Here Nor There Season 1 launch, Gabi Dao with guests

Friday, October 13th at 7pm
Free Admission, space is limited

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All the Little Objectiles is a collection of site-specific sonic works distributed throughout the Western Front. Composed by artist and writer Michelle Mackenzie, it is the last event of the Slow Wave series. These pieces in All the Little Objectiles are “works” in the sense that they labour away in the air of each room; each attempts to open a sonic space within an architectural one, to load a “right here” with a historically inflected “elsewhere” while considering the architecture of the Western Front as a compositional skeleton for a sonic homage.

It is hoped that as listeners drift from room to room, the various soundscapes will merge into a multi-dimensional soundhouse ripe for aural conjuring, temporal hopscotch, and the colliding of parallel dimensions of unrealized and unheard sonic histories, past and future. Mackenzie’s works were fashioned within and/or for their respective sites, pairing solo compositions with the amplified, tweaked and ever-prophetic sounds and voices of Daphne Oram, Yoko Ono, Delia Derbyshire and various other artists. The works are “feeling spaces” as much as they are “thinking spaces”, loosely connected so as to grant listeners great liberties of association as they traverse and re-traverse the building-wide installation. All that is asked of the listener is a willingness to float about.

Slow Wave, a two-part series of sound events which began in May, is programmed by Gabi Dao during her Media Arts residency and runs in conjunction with Here Nor There, a podcast series of conversations, opinions, research and artistic content in aural form with local and emerging cultural producers. In consideration of the context of the Western Front as Vancouver’s oldest artist-run centre, the two series examine the formation of DIY cross-disciplinary, creative communities through  acts of listening. In response to the current precarity of physical spaces of cultural production and exhibition, the series considers the potential of audibility, voices and transmission. Launching at Slow Wave Pt. 2, the first season of Here Nor There includes three episodes and features Tom Whalen, Yu Su, Soledad Muñoz, Benita Prado, Samira Warsame and Nissrine Sekkat. The second season will launch this winter.

About the artists:

Gabi Dao questions the conditions of aesthetic experiences through reflections on the nuances of identity, personal histories and memory, mostly through sculpture, installation and sound. As an extension of her artistic work, she organizes of exhibitions, readings, musical performances, and other happenings at AVENUE (2013-2015) and DUPLEX with her studio collective. She recently completed a BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, was the inaugural recipient of the Portfolio Prize award for emerging artists in 2016.

Michelle Helene Mackenzie is a writer and artist born on unceded Coast Salish Territories. Mackenzie completed a BA in Communication and the Humanities at Simon Fraser University, after which she enrolled in the graduate Program in Literature at Duke University. While there, she became interested in French literatures of necrophiliac-agonies, the possibilities of sounding the unheard hills of banshee-perturbations, and the cultural amnesia that devours female genius.

Download: All the Little Objectiles booklet

Funded by the BC Arts Council Early Career Residency Program.