Sonic Playground returns!

Presented in partnership with the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and the Roundhouse Community Centre.

Sound Installations, Instruments, and Performances

Downtown Jazz Family Zone | June 23 & 24
David Lam Park Family Zone | June 30 & July 1

Hands on! Ears wide open! Re-imagine spatulas, pop cans, and other everyday objects and how they make music and sound. Sound artists, musicians and children from lower mainland schools invite visitors of all ages to experience music in new ways.

Downtown Jazz Family Zone – June 23 & 24

This new downtown location features some Sonic Playground audience favourites, including -

The Quadrabalarimbamaphone, a spectacular four sided marimba that everyone is invited to play on, created by Brad Muirhead and Martin Fisk and featuring Martin and friends in daily performances.

Lee Hutzulak & Madoka Hara’s Contactopus, an assemblage of household items connected to contact microphones invite children to experiment with creating rhythm and sound out of the everyday.

Diana Burgoyne’s Drop and Listen and Talking Plates, using food, cutlery, household items and circuitry to provide unexpected sonic surprises, and Frederick Brummer’s Speaker Drum - a drum you play with magnets, no sticks required.

David Lam Park Family Zone – June 30 and July 1

New works for this season have been created in conjunction with the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre:

The Cymasium (aka Goldibass and the Three Snares), created by students and facilitated by sound artists Frederick Brummer and Josh Hite. Just like gymnastics can be found in a gymnasium, The Cymasium is a place to experience cymatics. Cymatics, the study of visible sound and vibration, is a breathtaking phenomenon. When materials are oscillated with sounds, amazing and unexpected patterns emerge. In The Cymasium visitors can experiment with a variety of materials and sonic vibrations, opening a world of exploration and play.

Vancouver Dreams explores sounds and dreams of Vancouver citizens. Secondary school students created audio diaries from oral storytelling and found sound from their own environs. Conducted by Donna Lytle and Soressa Gardner.

Draw and Squeal, created by Diana Burgoyne, invites kids to turn drawing into sound by completing a circuit.

Three installations return from previous seasons to create a festive interactive sound environment:

Rimba House, created for Sonic Playground 2010 by musicians Brad Muirhead and Martin Fisk with the participation of children from the Roundhouse After School Kids Club. This twelve foot square, roofed ‘house’ is entirely covered in sound-making objects – frying pans, cymbals, bowls, drums, marimba keys, bicycle wheels and more. Everyone is invited to play on, in and around the house.

Jean Routhier’s Listening Posts explores the boundaries of surveillance with his installation of parabolic listening devices made from cooking woks. Lee Hutzulak and Madoka Hara’s Contactoctopus will also appear at David Lam Park.

In addition, to these installations the David Lam Park Family Zone will feature family friendly performances over the two days, including the return of a specially composed work for the Rimba House.  Knick Knack Lemon Whack features Vancouver’s finest percussionists Vern Griffiths, Brian Nesselroad, and Martin Fisk along with trombonist Brad Muirhead. Composer Jennifer Butler raided the kitchen to create this work that explores music, pots and pans and making lemonade.

Get ready for energetic family-friendly performances from the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra, who play homemade wind instruments made from plants and vegetables.  (Sunday July 1) They are joined by Taylor Ho Bynum in some exploratory sound making and musical antics.  Diana Burgoyne also provides a performance with Speak and Squeal (June 30).