Sound Separation

Sound Separation features a group of artists who create sound in the context of film, video, new media, and installation. This exhibition includes artists Steven Brekelmans; Teresa Conors; Maura Doyle; members of Inter.mission: Marianne Bos, Derek Brunen, Brady Marks, Khan Lee and Natalie Purschwitz; Christian Kuras in collaboration with Mark Soo; Stereo8 (Jeremy Shaw) in collaboration with March 21 (Todd Shillington aka Konrad Black); Wade Thomas & Jean-Pierre Brown; Jen Weih.

Among these, artist Steven Brekelmans produces work that addresses transmission, yet plays ironically with a prevention or blockage: the sound generated by Brekelman’s sculpture, visible on a small VU meter, never leaves the device. While utilizing a similar minimalism, Jen Weih’s sound displacements play with the listeners desire to process sound by contextualizing its source or environment. Weih states, “Sound perfects the seamless ‘reality’ presented on the screen. The disruption of the relationship between sound and image traumatizes the coherence of the narrative.” Stereo 8 creates small installations equally informed by audio and visual (video) components. Sound engulfs and transposes tiny multiples of looped chaotic images.