Standing Wave in Concert

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 2, p. 13, November/December 1994:

François Houle – Clarinet and Soprano Sax

Peggy Lee – Violoncello

Lay Tuan Tan – Piano

Laurie Lyster – Percussion

On December 9, Standing Wave will launch its home series of contemporary chamber music. The program will feature music composed for Standing Wave’s unusual instrumentation by local jazz artists John Korsrud, Tony Wilson, Bill Clark and Ken Morrison. This meeting of jazz and new music will be rounded out in the second half of the program with François Houle’s arrangements of the music of Anthony Braxton.

Standing Wave’s home series at the Western Front will continue on February 10 and April 14 with performances honouring Canadian Chamber and Electroacoustic music. New works by Jacques Legaff, Sergio Barroso and Michael Maguire from Vancouver, and Bruce Mather and Serge Arcuri from Montreal will be premiered.