Steve Lacy & Irène Aebi in Concert

Music composed by: Thelonius Monk, Judith Malina, Robert Creely, Marina Tsuetaeva, Richard F. Feynman, Mary Frazee, Brion Gysin, Jack Spicer

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 2, p. 7, November/December 1993:

One of Vancouver audiences’ favourite jazz composers returns. An evening of new work featuring Steve Lacy on soprano saxophone with vocalist Irène Aebi. Lacy was born in New York but has lived for many years in Paris, where he has evolved a highly original form of composition centred on the setting of texts to music. Irène Aebi studied violin and piano, but in recent years for vocal work has become increasingly important. She has played with Alan Silva, Takachachi Kako, Sunny Murray, and above all, Steve Lacy, with whom she has recorded numerous records.