Presented in association with Vancouver New Music

Friday, April 30 8PM
Saturday, May 1 4PM + 8PM
EDAM Studio 303 E 8TH Ave

Tickets $20 regular, $15 student/senior

An Urban Vessel Production WEBSITE

Music by Juliet Palmer
Text by Anna Chatterton
Performed by Christine Duncan, Patricia O’Callaghan & Neema Bickersteth

From the abuse of the sweatshop to the fantasy of costume and the empowerment of sewing-it-yourself, the sewing machine has been a force for exploitation and liberation since its invention in the 19th century. Anchored in the sounds and rhythms of sewing, Stitch uncovers the emotional layers of the relationship between woman and barely-tamed machine. The performance will also feature a companion piece created specially by community members to accompany the Vancouver presentation of Stitch.

A rogue brace of creative spirits cuts through the couture and sweeps us straight into a sewing sweatshop in Stitch. Billed as ‘an a cappella opera for three women and three sewing machines,’ it crosses so many genres as to be in a category of its own… Imagine an opera presented outside a theatre, without a stage or orchestra. It doesn’t seem like opera at all – until you realise how much a librettist, composer and three vocalists can accomplish with the simplest of means. That’s an art.
—Toronto Star