Street Music

Granville Street between Dunsmuir and Nelson

Contempory music will be outed in a series of guerilla music events on the Granville Mall. ‘Street Music’ will investigate the stigma of high art music making in the streets by juxtaposing so called èserious music’ against a backdrop of street buskers and downtown business. Artifacts and video imagery from the events will be collected for an upcoming exhibition at the Western Front, that explores site-specific performance.

Sept 11 Christopher Butterfield performs Kurt Schwitter’s ‘Die Ursonate’
Sept 12 Ensemble Symposium – roving soundscape
Sept 13 Bass Quartet – Torsten Mueller, Paul Blaney, Clyde Reed & Russell Sholberg
Sept 14 Saxophilia saxophone quartet – David Branter, Tony Sheppard, Julia Nolan & Colin MacDonald