/ Opening @ 8:00pm

In collaboration with the digital eARTh society, The Western Front presented Subject as part of the Zero Degree Monstrosities Festival. Subject looks at the authoritative role science plays in society, and by taking a subjective, and sometimes satirical look at science, attempts to deconstruct some of the mythology surrounding and propogated by the Science Industry.

Nell Tenhaaf’s UCBM (You could be me) is an interactive video installation in which the viewer is is tested for their adaptation to empathy in an artificial environment. Visitors to UCBM meet the video representation of a female scientist who manifests ironic scientific and theoretical commentary while soliticiting as much input and intimacy as possible. Nell Tenhaaf is a Toronto-based electronic media artist and writer. She is Assistant Professor in the Visual Arts Department (New Media) of York University.

Robert Helms’ Guinea Pig Zero reading room features a pleasant reading environment offering bio-ethical edification from Helms’ subversive ‘zine Guinea Pig Zero, and a video monitor playing select news stories on human guinea-pigging. Guinea Pig Zero is an occupational jobzine by and for people who are used as medical or pharmaceutical research subjects. Its various sections are devoted to bioethics, historical facts, current news and research, evaluations of particular research facilities by volunteers, true stories of guinea pig adventure, reviews, poetry and fiction relating to the disposability of plebeian life. A self-termed Bio-Slut, Helms publishes the ‘zine in part as a means of self-defense and provocation.