Tania Bruguera: Residency

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VIII, no. 4, p. 12, March/April 1997:

Performance Saturday March 22nd, 10:30pm

Cuban performance artist, Tania Bruguera, born in 1968, has been working since the late eighties on performance work and intervention in Havana’s art world. Much of this is based on her attempts to re-create the performance work of Ana Mendieta. Other themes include Jearus and the Labyrinth, as well as memoirs to those who have died at sea while attempting to cross the straits of Florida. Her work is allegorical and critical. Like other Cuban artists of her generation she portrays the revolutionary hope of an utopian society and the absurdities and contradictions that betray that hope.

During her residency at the Front, she will begin production of her first video work based on her performance work.

Presented in collaboration with the Belkin Art Gallery. Fundación Ludwig de Cuba and the Contemporary Art Gallery.

The video work Cabeza Abajo (Head Down) was the resulting production created during the artist’s residency at the Western Front.